Multi Skittles Earrings


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Our cutest pair of earrings made from three orange glass stones hangs from three silver brass strands.

Hand Embroidered in India.

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The history of bracelets goes as far back as 5000 years. What once served religious and spiritual interests and was carved out of stones and bones is now a status symbol, personality statement, a reflection of the beauty and emotions your life stands for.

Bracelets can never lack in variety, for there is so much vividness in the market that trends simply never get old. From charm bracelets to bangles, beaded ones, linked ones, and slap ones, the designs vary just as much as the style.

At Vaidaan, handmade embroidery bracelet designs are created for more than one purpose. We understand that a bracelet which looks good on display will not immediately improve the looks of any hand it adorns. We have, over the years of dressing people in exotic jewellery, gathered the experience that bracelets are influenced by personal preference more than any other jewellery you’ll come across.

Keeping that in mind, the Vaidaan Embroidery Bracelet Design Jewellery was conceptualised to present you with a flawless look and endless possibilities to mix and match styles.

Vaidaan Jewellery’s Embroidery Design Bracelets- a Must-Have for Your Jewellery Wardrobe

With our bracelets designs, your options multiply. You can go for the bold and chunky handpieces. You can choose thick or thin bangles. You have the choice between studded bracelets, jewelled ones, pendant bracelets, multicolour bracelets, monochromatic ones, with cuffs, chains, and links.

These gorgeous elements can help you transition between different looks. Switch from edgy to casual to dressy to sparky. Wear them to look cool. Wear them to look polished. Pair them with savvy gadgets. Combine their looks with that of an elegant gown and enjoy a smooth evening with refined jewellery.

But of course, as people who live and breathe jewellery designs, we believe in stark honesty. While our artists spend a majority of their time creating beautiful wrist pieces for you, it is advised to pay attention to factors which affect your final look, like the size and skin tone of your wrist and arms, whether you prefer loose bands or fitting ones, and if you wish to go for heavy or the lighter ones.

The Vaidaan Collections- Bracelets for Her

Spare a glance at some of the most exclusive, in-demand pieces that our teams are proud of.

The Prophecy Bracelet

This exquisite piece has been designed in gold tone with an intricate structure around the band. The golden beads are woven together over the band, which also happens to be a plain plate of woven golden beads, in a leaf-like arrangement.

Often, bracelet styles suit a particular dressing style or personality. But, with the Prophecy, you get a creative ornament that projects a royal outlook, yet doesn’t shy away from being straight up formal outlook either. It will work with not just heavy, occasionally-worn ethnic dresses, but also with formal dresses that slightly lean towards the heavy dressing choices.

The Clarion Bracelet

Pearls and crystals are radiant, bewitching pieces of sparkling jewellery that fit the aura of fancy affairs to a T. This stunner has four rows of crystals woven in a flexible thread with a single pendant in the centre. While the elastic band allows this bracelet to fit any wrist, the crystal stone gives it a polished touch, a savvy outlook.

The Clarion is a dramatic choice that goes perfectly in sync with black tie events, weddings, and holiday parties.

The Inaayat Bracelet

Black and beige metal beads run around in a circle to give the Inaayat bracelet a chromatic effect that only metal jewellery can afford to offer. With the handweaving and adjustable fit, this one can be a go-to choice for most casual events.

Handmade Embroidery Bracelet Designs- Vaidaan Jewellery Is at Your Service

Whether you mix it with other jewellery or decide to flaunt a single bracelet, we encourage you to find your style. Meanwhile, we’ll be here, waiting to hear about your fashion fancies and working to get as close to implementing your expectations as possible.

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