Verdant Ring


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Designed in the shape of a crisp edged rhombus, this ring has been brought together with green threads and a strong blue frame that adds to its design and panache. Great for an evening out or as a cocktail ring, this jewel is a must buy.

  • Material Used : Thread, Base Metal 
  • Colour : Multicolour
  • Size : Adjustable

Hand Embroidered in India.

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Circularity is beauty in its perfect form, perhaps. Think of the full moon, the temple domes, the rings on your finger.

Rings are exotic. They are a piece of jewellery that instantly catch the eye of an onlooker and keep it hitched. It’s, more often than not, a bearer of vows that two people make to each other, a promise that’s supposed to last till death parts them.

But, in all of its facets, a ring is a symbol.

One of love, of promise, of reverence, of regard. One that conveys admiration, bears gratitude, delivers love. One that is often regarded as the only valuable piece of jewellery in a person’s wardrobe. One whose value, despite being recounted hundreds of times, only really jumps to realisation when either the bearer or the ring itself gets lost within the throes of time.

Courtesy to the team of artists who dedicate all their creativity to Vaidaan Jewellery, shop cocktail ring designs with us and make a mark for yourself in time and space, in the memories of another mortal.

The Perfect Balance between Unconventional and Traditional Rings- Shop for Cocktail Designs with Vaidaan Jewellery

Embroidery is where Vaidaan excels. Combining the conventional jewellery trends of our heritage with the handcrafted ethnicity this nation has inherited from its ancestors is what we do the best. We aim to converge the patterns of east and west, adding a touch of modernity and a twist of embroidery to the final product.

The Verdant Ring

This work of green threads and blue frames come out in the shape of a rhombus. The weaving pattern converges into the centre, projecting an inward spiral of blue and green hues.

The Verdant Ring is unique, with a touch of marvellous shades. The crisp-edged beauty can be worn on a dress, and you can carry it to a semi-fancy setting

The Woven Mesh Rings- Summertide, Kaleidoscope, and Quadcircles

The Quad Circle is one ring adorned with five circles. Each circle is handwoven with threads which exhibit separate shades of gold, silver, brass, and copper. The threadwork is exceptionally detailed, with each thread standing out well-defined on its own. The best part, however, is that you can don this stunner on a number of dresses and it won’t look out of place in any.

The other two, Kaleidoscope and Summertide, are examples of similar threadwork in bright, dazzling colours and unique shapes. The quirky designs can be easily carried with most formal and casual looks.

The Gem Studded Stunners

In this category, you’ll find the watch glass ring, crimson cosmos, stable yob, and other similar products.

The idea behind these creations has been to offer you a glimpse of the traditionally worn ring designs with a dash and a sprinkle of modernity on it.

Choosing the Right ring with Vaidaan- It’s Easier Than It Looks

Have you ever wondered what kind of ring will look best on your fingers? Have you doubted your choices or regretted them later?

Take it from an industry insider; every piece that stuns you with its elegance and sparkling beauty while still in the showcase may not look as flattering when you put it on your finger. That’s because different rings are created keeping different shapes and sizes of fingers in the mind.

Compare the shape and size of the main stone with that of your finger. Compare your skin tone with the glazing tone of the ring. Consider how it will look when your nails are short versus when they aren’t. Consider the finger you want to put it on. Bulky rings on the middle finger, for instance, can severely blow up in your face from a faux fashion point of view.

But, fret not! For Vaidaan Jewellery’s cocktail rings give you the right choices as well as the appropriate assistance. Reach out to us with your ring related queries. We won’t merely solve your worries, but go a mile ahead and make sure you have the best shopping experience with us among all that you’ve had so far with anyone in the industry.

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