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This is a choker type neckpiece that is rich in various hues and fits so well at the neck, looking all ravishing and fashionable to grace your attire. The metal casing is lined and covered neatly and fashionable in multicolored threads.

  • Material Used : Thread, Metal Chain
  • Colour : Multicolour
  • Size : 40cm

Hand Embroidered in India.

This product is made on order. Ships in 7 days.

This product can be customised in different colours and size. Mail us your requirement on info@vaidaan.com


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PAHAL - An Eternal Bliss / NOOR - Lush & Exotic / ABHUSHAN - The Divine Rock / RAUNAK - Sparkle in Silver / RAHASYA - A Spellbound Collection / ADYA - Out Of The Ordinary / ASBAH - An Old World Charm / PANKH - A Bewitching Ensemble

A piece of jewellery, more often than not, starts as art that’s assigned a specific value. But, it only becomes valuable once emotions are added to the equation.

Necklaces follow suit.

A necklace is essential, not because it looks best with a specific type of clothing, not because it matches a particular colour or shade or tone, but because in all its forms and facets, a necklace speaks volumes about you.

When you adorn an ensemble with a necklace, you choose to combine the intricacies of art, craft, beauty, and fashion as one. You decide to carry that combination with your personality. And, at Vaidaan, we work to ensure that your necklaces only tell the stories that you want them to.

Vaidaan Jewellery's Exclusive Earrings and Necklace Sets- Because You Deserve Precision and Have a Right to Quality

If you are looking for necklaces that are as unique as your ideas about fashion, we are exactly what you need.

From picking apart every notion to create jewellery from scratch to merging different styles, statements, and designs to improve the traditionally popular necklaces, Vaidaan Jewellery's exclusive sets are in sync with the latest trends. We handpick every part of the design materials, ensure the best quality of base metal, gems, handweaving, and hire the best artists in the country for the job.

The look and splendour of every final Vaidaan necklace make it worth saving as an heirloom. 

Consider These Exclusive Earrings and Necklace Sets- Vaidaan Jewellery

Whatever presides the fashion world for a season is bound to make an entry later, albeit the duration could be long enough for people to forget the original occurrence. Necklaces enjoy this fashion-world peculiarity to their advantage.

After going through years of gold chains, chunky pendants, hoops dangling from every body-piercing, and lots of shapes taking turns to adorn your neck, Vaidaan brings you a collection of braided and woven necklaces.

You are looking at a tangle of threads and yarn and tassels and strings, braided and tangled and woven together with beads to create a range of quite an astonishing necklace collection. These inspiring necklace designs have contrast and layers. You can flaunt them solo or pair them up with other fitting necklaces to take the look a notch higher.

From blackberry to a basilisk, from vintage-looking tribal pieces to royal silvery ones with dainty pendants, from chokers to sculptural Pasban necklaces, Vaidaan has you covered for every occasion you want to attend, every look you wish to don, every statement you decide to make.

Pick Your Jewellery- Vaidaan Exclusive Earring and Necklace Sets Fit Every Ensemble

Careful combinations are the motto we suggest to all fashion lovers and experimenters out there.

While Vaidaan provides a plethora of beautiful, embroidered designs in many styles, the one you choose has to be a fitting piece for whatever look you are trying to rock.

If you wish to try our collar necklaces that encircle your neck. Try to pair them up with collar necks, V-necks, or an off shoulder dress. You want to try out the royally crafted silver necklaces with heavy pendants and embroidery, wear an evening dress with them. Or pair them up with a heavy traditional outfit.

If you want to add a bit of zing to a plain, white or beige outfit, wear the multicolour string necklaces that plunge deep. The multi-string ones are evergreen accessories which can be used on any regular wear as well.

If you want one that plunges deep yet covers your collarbone, go for a piece with heavy work. While light pieces are perfectly suitable on a kurta, saree, or casual gown, heavy pieces, especially the embroidered ones, will give you an eccentric yet sophisticated look when you combine them with a particularly heavy outfit fit for a wedding or a special occasion.

Take a Peek at the Vaidaan LookBook- Experience Our Necklace Designs in All Their Glory

The Vedaanta jewellery designs is a marvellous work set in silver, designed especially on order. This elegant piece of jewellery is an eye-catching example of the beauty that can be spun on silver using mirrors, metal beads, and thread.

We also have a variety of chokers, from the Chokedaar golden beaded necklace to the razzle hound one that sports a heavy pendant. The Boggling Buffy piece with tassels dangling from it offers a vivacious outlook. The enchanted tangle is a mish-mash of colours and threads and pins, which is an exotic combination, to begin with.

If It’s Variety You Seek, Vedanta Necklaces Won't Disappoint

Vaidaan’s Exclusive earrings, Necklace sets, and jewellery have been proud to offer embroidered jewellery designs to people who wish to add a peculiar, distinct flair to their existing collections or who want to assemble an entirely new jewellery wardrobe.

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