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Featuring in vogue math patti, interwoven and linked with button pearls, antique gold tone metal balls and massive faceted round stone, embellished in a finest setting.

  • Material Used : Stone, pearl, metal beads, thread, base metal.
  • Size : 28.5cm

Hand Embroidered in India.

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“There is a developing strength in women; But it’s in the forehead, not in the forearm.” Beverly Sills

A strong jaw and well-defined cheekbones are often called the most visible factors in a woman’s face. And yet, every expert you meet will put emphasis on choosing the right headgear, simply because the right forehead jewellery, also called as maang tikka or maatha patti, plays an essential role in bringing out the features of your face.

Vaidaan Jewellery’s artificial headgears, a collection that sports a range of single bead, half-head, and full head maang tikkas, are designed keeping in mind the raw origins of headgears in this nation.

Look for bridal headgears, round-shaped, beaded, single-string jhumar tikkas, and plenty of other designs in our collections. Not only does Vaidaan use metal beads and threads to create a simply stunning headgear, but we also ensure you have enough variety to pair up with your entire wardrobe.

Define Your Bridal Look- Vaidaan’s Artificial Headgear Jewellery for Brides of All Kinds

Every bride hs a vision, an idea of how she wants to look on her special day. That includes, to some extent, how her hairdo and headgear will contribute to the overall ensemble.

The Vaidaan experts suggest looking deeper into the maang tikka styles and doing it well in advance, simply because no single style suits all faces. From round, oval, and square faces shapes to heart-shaped and diamond faces, the right matha patti can take your look up a notch while the wrong one can put a damper on your style.

Visit the collection of Vaidaan artificial headgear jewellery. Our designs are in-trend, lighter than what you’d find in most markets, and unique in their setup. And, more than anything else, we are set apart from others by our specially designed, handwoven, metal bead headgears in monochromatic shades and startling silver tones.

For the bride with a toned down taste, try the Mynah maang tikka. For those who desire restricted extravagance, qainaat maang tikka is a stunning option. From our full-head Rashk maatha patti and Pasban matha patti to the single-thread burlesque maang tikka, we have an exclusive design for every demand.

Not a Bride? Do Not Fret- The Global Appeal of Headgears Allows You to Wear One Regardless

Although headgears are considered an Indian ornament, the jewellery can be seen on celebrities and regular people across the world.

There is a rich history that showcases exchange of inspirations between the eastern and western worlds, headgears being one of them. The harmless homage, sometimes mistaken for ignorant appropriation, tells a story where trends change hands and get evolved into a better, more accessible form.

The Nakshatra maang tikka, among others, is an example that showcases western aesthetics as well as Indian intricacies. The simple stunner can be worn just as easily with an ethnic dress as an evening gown.

The Rouhl matha patti, for instance, is an accessory for fancy evening outfits. Especially so, because the Vaidaan artificial headgears sport handwoven pieces created white, beige, and black metal beads. The chromatic arrangement and woven structure gives our headgears an exclusive, eccentric look, and gives your outlook a better edge.

You may not be the bride. But, a simple maang tikka on your forehead brings you closer to the beautifully confident women the world knows you to be.

Come to Vaidaan for the Intricate Designs, Traditional Bearings, and Studded Patterns

The headgear, the India maang tikka, can have a multitude of interpretations. It is elegance. It inspires wonder. It is awe, and it can be breathtaking. It is joy, and it can be a lovely gesture. It is a woman’s pride, a loved one’s feelings, a bearer of emotions, a carrier of tales that would be passed down from this generation to the next.

And, when combined with an Indian practice as regal as embroidery, Vaidaan’s artificial headgear jewellery becomes the signature every woman will want to add to her look.

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