Jewellery Care

jewellery care

Care for your jewellery and it will sparkle for years to come. While each bit of jewellery looks lovely, they can wind up looking faded and may lose their sparkle if not thought about well. On the off chance that you need your jewellery to look on par & wearing your jewellery like its brand-new every single time can be a task, but there are simple things we can all do at home to help it look it’s best and sparkle for an even longer time. Here are a few things to take care of your jewellery -

  • Keep jewellery in soft-lined compartments and close all fastenings so items don’t tangle.
  • They should be stored away from direct sunlight or damp atmosphere.
  • Always Take off your jewellery before you perform any sports, household activities etc.
  • Always wear your jewellery on last, after you apply your makeup or use any chemicals like hair spray, perfumes etc to keep them away from any damage.
  • At least once in a while clean your jewellery using a soft clean cloth to maximise the shine. Don’t use harsh cleaners on jewellery. These harsh cleaners have chemicals which can strip the metals.
  • The easiest and the best way to protect your jewellery from dust and damage is to keep it in Vaidaan’s boxes and packaging that it comes in.


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PAHAL - An Eternal Bliss / NOOR - Lush & Exotic / ABHUSHAN - The Divine Rock / RAUNAK - Sparkle in Silver / RAHASYA - A Spellbound Collection / ADYA - Out Of The Ordinary / ASBAH - An Old World Charm / PANKH - A Bewitching Ensemble

Everywhere in the world, women and men have donned a variety of jewellery, representing a range of things including their heritage, preferences, and traditions.

Earrings, however, are the most used accessory over any ensemble, a cherry on the top that makes every look a bit better, a bit more eccentric, slightly more sophisticated.

Vaidaan’s embroidery design jewellery celebrates the fact that women, and men as well, love to experiment with their appearances, albeit most look for ways that are both, pocket-appeasing and beautiful. We also understand that earrings are convenient accessories with a great deal of possibilities. They come in varieties that are seemingly limitless.

Earrings can quickly change the outlook of an attire and help you in transitioning from the regular day-to-day look to the out-on-a-special-evening look with as little as a change of accessory. 

What’s It that Makes Vaidaan Jewellery’s Embroidery Design Earrings Such a Unique Offering

We at Vaidaan strive to be extraordinary. The combination of unusual shapes, sizes, and colours we utilise to create our earring collections stand as proof to our brand’s dedication and hard work.

Picture a drop of honey, intricately stored in a room of glass carved to dictate the journey of a lifetime, protected by a yellow crochet frame. That’s our exclusively designed Hazel Crag Drop Studs for you.

Or, take a look at the wonder we created with beads and base metal. The shape of a leaf dotted with antique gold tone, hand-embroidered with golden threads to project a royally calm aura is one of the many articulations we have brought to life at Vaidaan.

Marmalade Skies, Inky Triad Studs, Sway earrings, Hula Hoop, Trinity, Fancy Spears, Candelabra earrings- we offer a variety of pieces in a decent range of categories. You can choose between stud earrings, dangling earrings, jhumkas, gold & silver & diamond earrings, and solitaire studded ones as well. Our styles are quirky and playful, vibrant and subtle, in pastel and handwoven embroidery designs.

Vaidaan Jewellery Is Not Simply about Beautiful, Attractive Earrings; It’s about a Service that You’ll Carry in Your Heart Forever

An enchanting set of earrings could represent anything. A gift on a special occasion, an amulet with a loved ones’ good wishes, a financial investment, or an emotional one.

Whether you intend it to be a handsome present or a quiet gesture, the successful range of Vaidaan Jewellery’s embroidery design earrings let you follow fashion as you deem feet.

While we are proud to be the flagbearers of beauty norms that let our customers confidently follow their attitude while determining their style preferences, we are even more delighted to be the premium brand that puts customer relationships above all else.

Every interaction you have with us is more valuable than the purchases you make.  An authentic connection with you helps us meet your growing expectation with finesse. To ensure the same and to deliver the most value, we employ a team of guardians of customer relationships. Every move our ours is intended at understanding your preferences, attitudes, and motivation in a much better way.

To deliver better products and to do it in a manner that gives you a hassle-free experience, one that’s lovely enough for you to grace us with your presence, is what we at Vaidaan strive to achieve.

Vaidaan Jewellery’s Embroidery Design Earrings- An Accessory for Every Day

We create art for the confident and self-assured women and men of this era. Our earrings are in-tandem with this ultimate purpose. All we desire is to empower you enough that you can freely embrace the opportunity and bring the voice of your personal fashion to life.

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